Ely is the type of community where folks don’t worry if they remember to lock the door or if their kids are going to be safe running around town with their friends. While there is no official community watch group, one is always in effect as folks up here look out for each other. Ely’s geographical location and the resources it offers make it one of the safest regions of the nation in regards to disasters.

Key Facts

    • According to, Ely’s Crime Index for 2016 was 77.1, which is significantly lower than the national average of 280.5 (
    • reports that Ely residents are 94% less likely to witness or be a victim of a violent crime (
    • Residents are 49% less likely to incur property damage due to a crime (
    • reports that Ely has above the Minnesota average number of police officers, with over two per 1000 residents (
    • Two local volunteer fire departments – The Ely Fire Department and the Morse-Fall Lake Township Fire Department provide fire protection, vehicle extraction, mutual aid and fire prevention for the town and the surrounding areas.
    • The US Forest Service maintains a large air tanker base for bringing wildland fires under control at the Ely Airport
    • The Ely Area Ambulance Service provides coverage for Ely and surrounding areas in St. Louis and Lake Counties
    • The St.Louis County Rescue Squad responds to calls involving wilderness search and rescue; their unique training and specialized equipment is invaluable in saving lives
    • reports that closest earthquake occurred over 250 miles away in 1994, and according to, the last reported tornado in the area was in 1979
    • Ely Safe Ride offers reliable regional and in town taxi services 24/7 (



The Ely Municipal Airport, owned by the City of Ely, is a general aviation airport that is open to the public and used for corporate, government, and personal air traffic. The facility has the ability to serve executive and private transportation needs benefiting the community, as well as the materials and delivery needs of the city’s industries. The Ely Municipal Airport currently supports a variety of uses including government (forestry, DNR, State of MN, FAA, etc,), flight training, air charter service, corporate traffic, fire fighting, search and rescue, and private pleasure operations.