Ely is home to a large and varied number of camps such as Scout Camps, YMCA Camps, Outward Bound, and private camps.  The all offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy the North woods and learn skills that will serve the guests their whole lives.   Camps cater to kids, families and adults.  They offer camping, canoeing, fishing, wilderness survival training, and so much more.  Many of Ely’s residents first experienced Ely as a camper and made a life long goal to live in Ely.  Often people in public life cite camping experiences as having changed their lives.

This is a list of many of the camps serving the Ely area.  Visit their web sites to learn more.

Camp BuckskinCamp Du Nord
Camp Ko-Wa-KanCamp Voyageur
Camp WidjiwaganNorthern Tier High Adventure
Shamineau Rock Ridge CampVoyageur Outward Bound School