Whether your passion is singing, dancing, performing in a play or musical performance, running a marathon, hiking in the woods or watching northern lights play across the night sky, you can do it in Ely.

In the summer, Ely’s Tuesday Night Live community event offers a great opportunity to stroll around the downtown area and enjoy live music at various venues.  We have community plays for those who like to perform and those who enjoy participating as audience members.  Our high school offers concerts, musicals and dance performances.  Northern Lakes Arts Association sponsors concerts, plays, dance performances and more throughout the year.

Ely is the home to many festivals and events, including the Blueberry Festival in July, the Harvest Moon Festival in September, and the Ely Winter Festival and WolfTrack Classic Dogsled Race in February.

In September, our marathon is a big hit with runners from around the country. The course, which runs through woods, around lakes and into downtown Ely, is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon.

Whatever entertainment suits your taste Ely probably has it.  Check out these web sites for more information.

Blueberry Arts Festival

Ely Marathon

Ely Winter Festival

Harvest Moon Festival

Northern Lakes Arts

Golf Courses

(within 50 miles of Ely)

Ely Golf Club
The Wilderness at Fortune Bay
Babbitt Golf Course
Giant’s Ridge
Virginia Golf Course
Wolfridge Golf Course