Open a Business

Here in Ely we welcome new businesses who wish to move to our area and entrepreneurs who wish to begin their own adventure. If you are within the city limits we have some great options for you!

There is plenty of office space to rent and buildings to buy.  However, there are still some areas where the city offers some building incentives.  Our planning and zoning department has a handy map on page 20 of their Comprehensive Plan.

Planning and Zoning Comprehensive Plan

Another helpful resource would be our City Clerk’s office.  Call or email to let them know who you are and what you plan to do is a great first step. They will help guide you through the necessary permits and zoning as well as answer some of those more difficult questions.

Deputy Clerk Casey Velcheff  (218)226-5449

After deciding if buying or building is what you would like to do, your next step is to contact the Building Inspector and fill out the necessary forms.

Building Department

If you are looking for a low interest loan, the City of Ely site has a couple of options for a small Commercial Loan and a Rehabilitation loan with great low interest rates. There are also energy Retrofit Loans available through the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency.

City Loan Programs

There are numerous resources available in the City of Ely but also on the Iron Range.  A local non-profit group has a list of some of these resources as well as some of the major forms you need to in Ely.

Incredible Ely