At this time, local providers offer download speeds of up to 200 mbs and upload speeds of up to 20 mbs within the city.

If your business needs faster internet, there are fiber hubs in the city and fiber service provided by Consolidated Communications.

The city of Ely is committed to getting great broadband access and has hired consultants to complete a feasibility study.  This study will inform plans for expanded broadband in the Ely area.

The city’s plan for the future includes installation of fiber to premise (each home and building) and possible symmetrical speeds up to 1 gbs.

You may also take full advantage of the Ely’s new Workspace, “Ten Below Coworking”, which offers broadband speeds! “Ten Below Coworking” is an Incredible Ely project, with start-up funds from the Blandin Foundation, and is part of the City’s Broadband Initiative.

Stay tuned for our updates!