Ely is a great place to learn just about anything!  We have a great K12 school system, a college that offers first-class education opportunities including forestry programs, veterinary technician education, nursing education and much more.  The Ely Folk School offers learning experiences that celebrate the wilderness and the heritage, history, culture and craftsmanship of the people of northern Minnesota.  Our surrounding area is the home to many camp and wilderness education programs such as the Boy Scouts and Outward Bound.  Take a look at the many opportunities available to you and your family in this community “at the end of the road”!

Community College:   Vermilion Community College

Ely Public School System:  Ely Public Schools

Folk School:   Ely Folk School

Outward Bound:   Outward Bound School

Scouting Programs:  Northern Tier

Technology Advancement: Hakely