Arts & Culture

The Ely community offers a wide variety of arts, culture and entertainment. Our community boasts numerous art galleries and workshops for specializing in photography, painting, pottery, the performing arts, and much more.

Ely hosts numerous plays and musicals throughout the year, performed by the local school district, community college and traveling performance groups.

Visitors can learn about Ely’s rich cultural history at the Ely Winton Historical Society, the Ely Arts & Heritage Center at the Pioneer Mine Site, the Dorothy Molter Museum and by talking with local residents who call Ely their home.

Arts & Culture in Ely


Whether your passion is singing, dancing, performing in a play or musical performance, running a marathon, hiking in the woods or watching northern lights play across the night sky, you can do it in Ely.

In the summer, Ely’s Tuesday Night Live community event offers a great opportunity to stroll around the downtown area and enjoy live music at various venues. We have community plays for those who like to perform and those who enjoy participating as audience members. Our high school offers concerts, musicals and dance performances. Northern Lakes Arts Association sponsors concerts, plays, dance performances and more throughout the year.

Ely is the home to many festivals and events, including the Blueberry Festival in July, the Harvest Moon Festival in September, and the Ely Winter Festival and WolfTrack Classic Dogsled Race in February.

In September, the Ely Marathon is a big hit with runners from around the country. The course, which runs through woods, around lakes and into downtown Ely, is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon.

Whatever entertainment suits your taste Ely probably has it. Check out these listings for more information.


For folks that prefer to travel by foot, the city of Ely has much to offer. Our downtown core of Sheridan and Chapman streets feature a wide variety of shops and businesses, restaurants, art galleries, office space, and much more.

Not far from downtown is the beautiful Trezona Trail, a paved path around Miner’s Lake and spur trails that head to Vermilion Community College and the International Wolf Center.

Ely is also recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City with many neighborhoods lined with a beautiful mix of maple, oak, and elm trees.

Whiteside Park in the heart of the city serves as the grounds for seasonal festivals and a Farmer’s Market during the summer months. While you’re there, be sure to check out the kiosk on the corner of Sheridan and 7th Ave where you’ll find a map of the area and information on upcoming events, local attractions, trailheads, and city landmarks. In July, there are guided historic walking tours of downtown Ely, along with a self-guided tour brochure is also available at most businesses in town or the Chamber of Commerce. If you need to travel further than your legs can take you, Ely also offers local transportation services.

Walkability of Ely