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A community is so much more than its streets and shops, schools and hospital. It is a vibrant collection of many resources. Ely is the home to many non profits helping in hundreds of ways. From daycare to hospice, from the environment to the arts, Ely is a place where participation in civic life is available to everyone with every interest. Service clubs, youth programs, nature programs, you name it, Ely has it.

The following are just a sampling of the diverse offerings in Ely that sustain the fabric of the community. Whether you are looking for a business loan, after school programs, health services or educational opportunities, Ely has you covered.

Community Safety
Ely is the type of community where folks don’t worry if they remember to lock the door or if their kids are going to be safe running around town with their friends. While there is no official community watch group, one is always in effect as folks up here look out for each other. Ely’s geographical location and the resources it offers make it one of the safest regions of the nation in regards to disasters.

  • Ely has above the Minnesota average number of police officers, with over two per 1000 residents
  • Two local volunteer fire departments – The Ely Fire Department and the Morse-Fall Lake Township Fire Department provide fire protection, vehicle extraction, mutual aid and fire prevention for the town and the surrounding areas.
  • The Ely Area Ambulance Service provides coverage for Ely and surrounding areas in St. Louis and Lake Counties
  • The St. Louis County Rescue Squad responds to calls involving wilderness search and rescue; their unique training and specialized equipment is invaluable in saving lives
  • The US Forest Service maintains a large air tanker base for bringing wildland fires under control at the Ely Municipal Airport
  • WELY (94.5 FM) is Ely’s community radio station owned and operated by the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa that features emergency & community messages
Community Resources in Ely
Day Care in Ely


Ely offers several private daycare providers that are typically licensed for a maximum capacity of 10-14 children. Most daycares in Ely are in the homes of individual providers and estimates show an average cost per week to be approximately $160.00 per child. Some of the daycare providers offer after-school pick-up and shuttling services to your child’s activities and some even offer outdoor adventures such as canoeing and nature art and crafts.

If you are visiting Ely and would like a night out, Wild Within provides customizable babysitting services where they will come to your cabin or even campsite to accommodate parents needs. Although there are several high-quality child care providers that have been in business in Ely for many years there are always new potentials for business opportunities as many providers are generally filled and it is difficult to find childcare placement for babies under 18 months.

Health & Wellness

Health care is a major factor when deciding to relocate to a community. Ely is fortunate to have a high-quality healthcare campus which includes a clinic owned and operated by Essentia Health, Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital with full services including a pharmacy and a level 4 trauma center, Boundary Waters Care Center, which provides short-term rehabilitation and long-term care, and Northwoods Partners, offering an array of senior services.

Ely and the surrounding area has access to a full-time ambulance service including a Life Link helicopter for emergency transport and some of the best Wilderness First Responders in the nation. There are also several housing options available throughout the community for seniors requiring all levels of care.

Open three days a week, the Ely VA Clinic provides Veterans with readily accessible healthcare, including primary care, mental health care and specialty care. Residents also have access to a full-service vision center, three dental offices, and a full range of mental health services including therapy, family support, community living options and other supportive services.

If you are looking for more than traditional healthcare opportunities, a wide variety of options are available for mind, body and soul health including yoga, meditation, massage and much more.

Ely also understands the importance of healthcare for your four-legged friends, with some of the best care available at the Ely Veterinary Clinic.

Health & Wellness in Ely
Churches in Ely


Whatever your personal faith community, Ely probably has a church to welcome you. Ely is the home of many organized churches and a number of independent religious groups.

The following is a list of the organized congregations currently in Ely:


Ely is a community with a long history of volunteerism. With our large number of non profits and arts organizations, there is always a place to share your talents. If working backstage for a community musical or tutoring at the school excites you, the opportunities are there. If volunteering at a hospice or an assisted living gives you a great feeling of being needed, you are welcome and appreciated. Working to help kids in the schools with homework or sampling water quality in the areas lakes, serving on the board of directors for a local non profit, sharing your skills in the arts or drama, volunteering at the hospital, or seeing where you might be needed at the Ely Area Food Shelf, the International Wolf Center or the North American Bear Center, it is all here for you.

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and see the day-to-day activities of community groups. Many volunteering experiences can lead to employment opportunities.

If you want share your current skills or learn new ones, volunteering is a great way to achieve your goals. And Ely can make it happen in so many ways.

Volunteering in Ely Polaroid

Ely Municipal Airport

The Ely Municipal Airport, owned by the City of Ely, is a general aviation airport that is open to the public and used for corporate, government, and personal air traffic. The facility has the ability to serve executive and private transportation needs benefiting the community, as well as the materials and delivery needs of the city’s industries.

The Ely Municipal Airport currently supports a variety of uses including government (forestry, DNR, State of MN, FAA, etc,), flight training, air charter service, corporate traffic, fire fighting, search and rescue, and private pleasure operations.

Life Link III in Ely