Community Resources


A community is so much more than its streets and shops, schools and hospital. It is a vibrant collection of many resources.  Ely is the home to many non profits helping in hundreds of ways.  From day care to hospice, from the environment to the arts, Ely is a place where participation in civic life is available to everyone with every interest.  Service clubs, youth programs, nature programs, you name it, Ely has it. The following are just a sampling of the diverse offerings in Ely that sustain the fabric of the community. Whether you are looking for a business loan, after school programs, health services or educational opportunities, Ely has you covered.


The Ely Municipal Airport, owned by the City of Ely, is a general aviation airport that is open to the public and used for corporate, government, and personal air traffic. The facility has the ability to serve executive and private transportation needs benefiting the community, as well as the materials and delivery needs of the city’s industries. The Ely Municipal Airport currently supports a variety of uses including government (forestry, DNR, State of MN, FAA, etc,), flight training, air charter service, corporate traffic, fire fighting, search and rescue, and private pleasure operations.